Joint stakeholder visit to rehabilitation centres

Rights Protection and Counseling: Upholding the rights of detainees is at the core of our mission. Our team is dedicated to providing both legal counseling and psychosocial support to detainees. This not only safeguards their rights but equips them with the tools needed to navigate legal challenges and emotional stressors during their reintegration process. Case Review and Collaboration: Collaborating with pro bono legal service providers, we meticulously review the status of detainees’ cases. By forging these partnerships, we ensure detainees receive exceptional legal representation, enhancing the probability of fair and just outcomes. Improving Living Conditions: Recognizing the impact of detainees’ physical and mental well-being, we conduct regular prison visits. This enables us to assess their living conditions and identify individual needs, including medical requirements. We are committed to advocating for improved conditions during their detention. Non-Food Support: Our commitment extends to ensuring that parents and care givers have adequate knowledge of their children’s whereabouts, children know their rights and have timely access to court hearings.