Hygiene promotion

  1. Conduct hygiene education: Offer hygiene education to communities, schools, and households to promote good hygiene practices such as hand washing, sanitation, and personal hygiene.
  2. Provide access to clean water: Work with local communities to provide access to clean water sources such as boreholes, wells, and rainwater harvesting systems.
  3. Construct latrines: Work with communities to construct latrines and improve sanitation facilities, promoting proper waste disposal and reducing the spread of disease.
  4. Provide soap and hygiene supplies: Provide soap and other hygiene supplies such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, and sanitary pads to promote good hygiene practices.
  5. Organize community clean-up drives: Organize clean-up drives to promote clean environments and reduce the spread of disease.
  6. Establish hand washing stations: Establish hand washing stations in public places such as schools, health clinics, and markets to promote hand washing and prevent the spread of disease.
  7. Provide hygiene promotion through social media: Use social media platforms to promote hygiene and sanitation practices among the wider public.
  8. Engage community leaders: Engage community leaders and religious leaders to promote hygiene practices and encourage community participation in hygiene promotion activities.
  9. Conduct training for hygiene promoters: Train hygiene promoters to carry out hygiene promotion activities, and encourage them to work with local communities to promote good hygiene practices.
  10. Establish partnerships: Partner with other organizations and stakeholders working on hygiene promotion to share resources, ideas, and best practices.