Welcome to Amplified Voices Network Uganda

AMPLIFIED VOICES NETWORK UGANDA (AVNU) is a Non Government Organization composed of people whose common belief is that through empowerment of families, elderly and social units, many children can be protected from engaging into indecent activities that expose them to getting into conflict with the law. The organization aims at reducing the number of children that are sent to institutionalized care(remand homes) , enhance access to information, legal representation, increase education and skills development of the vulnerable groups so that they can solve the challenge of lack of descent work, poor parenting  and poverty in their own community.

Programmes & Services

We are running various programmes and services


Awareness raising on the rights of inmates

Rights of inmates include access to timely court hearings,Right to bail,receiving visits from their families, access to basic need


Joint stakeholder visit to rehabilitation centres

Identification and Record Keeping in partnership with Office of the Prime Minister and other partners: We are actively identify individuals who may have missed verification during their detention period. These children are then meticulously recorded in OPM Refugee, Asylum, and Arrival Programs (RAAP) database and this process is essential for maintaining accurate records to aid their future reintegration.


Follow up and offering services to children in detention

Conduct regular visits: Conduct regular visits to detention centers to check on the well-being of detained children and offer support and services

Upcoming Activity

Commemoration of the Day of African Child (16/06/2023)

Kindly requesting for a contribution /donation to have some lawyers review case of children in detention and Non Food Items

Vulnerable Children

Our Recently Concluded Activities

Conduct advocacy

Conduct advocacy campaigns to raise awareness about the rights of detained children and promote alternative approaches to detention.

Establish partnerships

Partner with other organizations and stakeholders working on child detention to share resources, ideas, and best practices.

Conduct capacity building for detention staff

Conduct capacity building programs for detention staff, including training on child rights, psychosocial support, and alternative approaches to detention.